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Online Chinese Course for Kids & Teens ( 6-17 year

Hello! Welcome to TryChinese! My name is Joanna Lee, I’m the founder and head teacher of TryChinese school!

Now let me introduce TryChinese Online Chinese Course for Kids & Teens!

1. What is the TryChinese Online Chinese Course for Kids & Teens?

TryChinese Online Chinese Course for Kids & Teens, created by Teacher Joanna, is a complete Chinese learning course that enables kids and teens to master all the key Chinese skills. The course curriculum can be totally tailor-made, and the lesson schedule and content are flexible. I will customize your children’s study process according to their own interests and goals, so it is the best choice for students who seek personalized attention and want to learn Chinese at their own pace and time.

2. What Chinese language does teacher Joanna teach kids & teens?

In the Online Chinese Course, I teach students in four aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing(if needed). The classes are divided into 6 different levels, ranging from Beginner to Advanced level.

After this course, Children will be able to:
Speak fluently and have clean pronunciation
Talk about daily life topics with key vocabulary
Write articles or essays that present a case, or give critical views
Compete with other children who learn Chinese
3.How does teacher Joanna teach Chinese language skills to kids & teens?

3.1. I teach these skills by means of online tutorials, a wide variety of teaching resource that engage and motivate children. All our material can be revisited as often as necessary to reinforce learning.

Recommended Chinese textbooks, worksheets:

Chinese Made Easy for Kids

Learn Chinese with Me

Kuaile Hanyu

Yeah! Chinese!

Chinese Paradise

My First Chinese Reader

Picture books:

Just like English picture books, Chinese picture books have simple vocabulary along with fun and interesting pictures that can be entertaining for kids and teenagers. So Picture books are essential in my Chinese classes.

Chinese storybooks:

Learn Chinese from stories! Topics of storybooks include sports, entertainment, traveling plans, games, etc. Idiomatic stories, folk tales and famous poems may also be taught.

Chinese Songs:

Both kids and teenagers love songs! Singing popular songs in Chinese can be a great and fantastic way to learn Chinese for young learners. So I will help my students increase their vocabulary, phrases and basic sentence structures, help them acquire the standard accent naturally through Chinese songs.

Chinese Cartoons & Movies & TV Programs:

These videos help young learners learn Chinese language and obtain a good understanding of Chinese culture. I may select classic and recently released Chinese cartoons and videos for them. And through practice with me, they can improve practical language skills.

Chinese Flashcards:

Playing flashcards is a good way to memorize the Chinese words and phrases. This is an important and powerful tool for practice in my classes.

3.2.Chinese games and activities for Chinese kids and teens lessons:

My Kids & Teens Chinese lessons teaching methodology is based on things that children love. Fun and engaging class activities such as games and songs alongside personalised writing tasks, reading texts and class storytelling will provide plenty of practice in learning Chinese.

When children begin to learn Chinese, transferring their knowledge from lessons into the daily application is an integral part of the learning process. Through my Chinese classes, I aim to develop their speaking and thinking skills, as well as the confidence levels to apply their language skills through teaching methods such as role-play and conversation scenarios.

4.Why is the TryChinese Online Chinese Course for Kids & Teens so effective?

TryChinese Online Chinese Course for Kids & Teens employs the total immersion method which allows children immerse themselves in the Chinese learning process right away. By immediately capturing their attention and utilizing repetition and quiz techniques, children are encouraged and excited to speak Chinese immediately which is ideal for all beginners.

5.Does TryChinese Online Chinese Course for Kids & Teens offer tutoring service for school work & homework?
Yes, TryChinese Online Chinese Course for Kids & Teens provides one-on-one, online tutoring for Children to help them with their school work & homework of Chinese language subjects.
6.Does TryChinese Online Chinese Course for Kids & Teens help students prepare for examinations like YCT (Young Learner’s Chinese Test)?
Yes, TryChinese Online Chinese Course for Kids & Teens will be tailor-made to your children’ requirements so that they can learn what they need. My YCT Test Prep Courses are designed to accommodate students' actual level and help them pass the exams.
7.What happens if I’m not satisfied with TryChinese Online Chinese Course for Kids & Teens?

We are so confident that you and your child will be satisfied with TryChinese Online Chinese that we offer all our customers a no questions asked, full refund guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase. Simply contact us with your details within this period and we will give you your money back.

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