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Employment Opportunities Course

Employment Opportunities Course


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Why TryChinese?

In addition to having her teaching and Mandarin level certificates, Teacher Joanna holds a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Teaching Chinese as a second language. Prior to founding TryChinese, Joanna worked as a Human Resources Officer for four years in a Chinese organization. She continues to have strong connections in the human resources industry. She has drawn upon her knowledge and experience in designing this unique course offering for TryChinese students. All TryChinese teachers consult with her at least weekly so that the Employment Opportunities Course can be individually customized for students. The result is professional, focused, and effective training for students that they can use in real life.

Why have an “Employment Opportunities Course”?

Foreigners seeking employment in China face unique and difficult challenges. Even diligent learners who have acquired an intermediate or even advanced level of Chinese may struggle when using Chinese in a job-seeking context. This is because standard Chinese courses focus on providing students with an overall grasp of Chinese for everyday life or in preparation for the HSK exam. However, a job-seeking context requires a firm grasp of the specific Chinese vocabulary and common phrases used by employers and prospective employees.

Foreigners seeking employment must be able to read how the Chinese language is used in this context (example: reading job postings, responding to formal correspondence). Foreigners must also be able to effectively communicate in Chinese in situations where first impressions are critical (example: inquiring about job prospects, attending job interviews, attending networking functions). Chinese language-learners need more than a vocabulary list of employment-related words to memorize. They require focused training on how to properly use specific words and phrases in common employment-related situations. This requires a corresponding understanding of standard Chinese etiquette and business practices in the Chinese job market. TryChinese’s “Employment Opportunities Course” is aimed at providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently pursue employment in China.

Details about the course:

This course is specifically tailored to help students who are interested in seeking employment in China. It is directed towards students who have already attained an intermediate level of written and spoken Chinese (approximately HSK level 3) and can be used to supplement other TryChinese courses. This course features the following:

Specialized materials:

A structured course where students learn commonly used words and phrases that are specific to the context of employment seeking in China.

Made to fit your needs:

Customized learning in consultation with teacher Joanna based upon your employment aspirations. Teacher Joanna can then structure your learning specifically to your needs.

Lots of useful practice:

Mock conversational exercise based on commonly encountered situations such interviews, job opportunity inquiries etc.

CV Writing

Learn about the differences between CVs and resumes and practice writing a CV in Chinese.

Hello! Welcome to TryChinese! My name is Joanna Lee, I’m the founder and head teacher of TryChinese school!

Now let me introduce Employment Opportunities Course to you.

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