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Business Chinese Couse

Business Chinese Couse


On this course, you will:

1. General Chinese Language Skills + Industry-specific Vocabulary

Don’t let the “general” part of general Chinese fool you, however. This type of course is not only related to business topics, but also will also help you with conversation, grammar and writing – all skills that you’ll need when working in a foreign language. What’s more, you can always add a business module to your general language course, so you can get some industry-specific vocabulary for an extra language boost!

Hello! Welcome to TryChinese! My name is Joanna Lee, I’m the founder and head teacher of TryChinese school!

In my business classes, I will use my work experience(HR & Marketing) and Chinese language knowledge, help you to learn more professional knowledge, help you better communicate and work with Chinese colleagues and customers, AND REALLY HELP YOU SOLVE YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEMS.

On this Business Chinese and Professional Skills course you will study a wide range of Business and Professional Chinese language, both spoken and written, from a variety of business topics.

The business topics on this course:

Business Chinese: Business Entertainment

Business Chinese: Official Work, Day-To-Day Operations

Business Chinese: Commercial Activity

Business Chinese: Marketing

Business Chinese: Human Resources

Business Chinese: Management

Industry-specific vocabulary:





Game & Website

Medical & Health

Education & Culture

Finance & Insurance

Leisure & Entertainment

Manufacturing industry


2. Employment Opportunities (Click here to read the details)

The course is aimed at providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to confidently pursue employment in China. (I worked as a Human Resources Officer for four years in a Chinese organization, and I continue to have strong connections in the human resources industry. )

3. Business Chinese Writing Skills

1) Write effective emails, letters, memos, reports, speech. Write for Social Media. Prepare for presentation.

2) Identify grammatical and punctuation problems in your writing.

3) Analyze a writing situation and determine the appropriate communication strategy, format, style, and content.

4) Organize information and ideas logically, efficiently, and effectively.

4. Business Chinese Communication Skills

Are you a professional who wants to communicate effectively in Chinese? The Business Chinese Communication Skills online program can help you expand your vocabulary and learn terminology. The skills you learn can apply to negotiations, telephone conversations, reports, emails and presentations.

The Business Chinese Communication Skills program consists of five aspects:

Business Chinese: Networking

Business Chinese: Meetings

Business Chinese: Planning & Negotiating

Business Chinese: Making Presentations and Speechs

Business Chinese: Communication Skills

Need other customized business Chinese course? Just tell me your specific requests!

These programmes are completely tailor-made – a detailed needs analysis allows you to specify your needs and objectives before the course starts.


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