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Everything you want to know about learning Chinese

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.  Can't find the answer to your question? No problem, you can click here to contact us and ask us your question.  We'll reply to you as soon as we can.

1) How many times per week should I have Chinese classes?  

3) Am I able to cancel a scheduled class?

4) Do you welcome feedback and recommendations about TryChinese?

2)  How long is the duration of each Chinese class?

5) How can I determine my current level of Chinese?

9) What is the least number of classes that I can purchase?

11) Can you tell me a bit more about your teachers?

8) What type of learning materials are used in your classes?

10) I am of Chinese descent and I speak Cantonese / Hakka.  Can I take my lessons with the teacher speaking either Cantonese or Hakka to me?

7) What payment methods do you accept?

6) What are the benefits in participating in the TryChinese Club?

This depends upon your personal study goals and schedule.  However, since continuous study is very important when learning Chinese, we would suggest a minimum of one Chinese class per week.  

Yes.  As long as you cancel at least 2 hours before the start of the scheduled class, you will not be charged for the cancelled class.

Yes, we do.  We highly value our students’ feedback and recommendations.  In fact, prior to the start of each month, we will communicate with you in order to better understand your current study experience here at TryChinese.  With your feedback, we aspire to help you attain your study goals while having a really enjoyable time with us!

A Chinese class can be either 60-minutes or 30-minutes long depending on your personal schedule and preferences.   Prior to the beginning of each month, you will let your teacher know whether you prefer that month’s classes to be 30-minutes long or 60 minutes long.  After discussion with your teacher, your classes for that particular month will be set for that duration.  For example, let’s say that this month your classes are all 60-minutes long.  However, for next month, you might choose to have your classes to be only 30-minutes long due to work commitments.  At TryChinese we strive to provide convenient, flexible scheduling to suit your personal life.

After your trial class, we will send you a Chinese evaluation report which will include your estimated level of Chinese.  Once you have started studying at TryChinese, every month you will receive a customized study report from us which will include:

(a) an evaluation of your current progress,

(b) areas you should focus on for improvement, and

(c) personalized and specific recommendations from your teacher about how to improve your Chinese in the most effective manner.

In addition, based on your goals, we can also provide you with specialized classes that are designed to prepare you for taking HSK exams.

The smallest package of classes you can buy is 10 classes.  Larger packages of classes have discounts applied to them such that the cost per class is less.  The larger the package of classes, the larger the discount.  For more details, please email us directly.

We ensure that all of our teachers are native Chinese speakers and have experience teaching non-native Chinese speakers. In addition, all of our teachers possess teaching qualification certificates issued by the Ministry of Education (People’s Republic of China).  We ensure that all of our teachers have outstanding teaching ability and, in addition, we pay careful attention to our teacher’s classroom approach, their manner of communication with the student and whether they are willing to take responsibility for providing their students with the best learning opportunities.

The best type of teaching materials are the ones that suit your particular goals and Chinese level.  After evaluating your Chinese level and understanding your goals, we will select the best learning materials for you.  In general, these learning materials come from two general categories: (a) specialized learning material prepared by your teacher; and (b) materials from well-known, reputable Chinese language publishers (easily available through retailers like Amazon).

Joanna Lee, the founder of TryChinese, can speak fluent Cantonese and Hakka in addition to Mandarin.  For students at the beginner level, she will assess the situation and use Cantonese or Hakka if necessary.  However, for students at upper-intermediate level onwards, it is best to have an immersive experience in Mandarin with most of the class conducted in Mandarin only – this can help the student attain the best results in the shortest time.

We accept payment through either Paypal, Alipay or WeChat.

TryChinese Club was specifically designed for our students and is completely free to join.  By participating in TryChinese Club you can engage with our student community and even obtain exclusive VIP services.

Contact email:joanna-lee@trycinese.net 

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